If you’re struggling to type paper within a reasonable timeframe, you’re probably despairing at your lack of typing skills and poor typing speed analysis. Fortunately, there are several ways to do some easy typing practice without even really having to feel like you’re toiling away at learning a new skill. You can combine expert advice for better typing with the use of various specially designed games that work to improve your skills while allowing you remain practically unaware of all the hours of practice you’re putting in.

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Top Tips for Great Typing

Free typing practice lessons are hard to come by if you look in your local area or workplace, but when you seek opportunities online, you’re more than likely to find them. Expert typists have shared their unique and insightful tips all over the internet, and you should really make the most of them. As well as free typing practice lessons in the form of typing practice games for adults, you can follow the advice below for near-instant improvements in your speed.

  • If you purchase a specially designed ergonomic keyboard, then you’ll notice your typing skills improve almost immediately. You’ll feel much more comfortable and you’ll avoid the kind of wrist and hand injuries that typing-related jobs are famous for causing.
  • Make sure you maintain good posture while you’re at your desk. We are all guilty, at one time or another, of slouching forwards and putting too much weight on our wrists. Try to be aware of your positioning while you type as incorrect posture will eventually contribute to the development of repetitive strain injuries that can last a lifetime.
  • If you’re using an older computer, you might notice that your screen simply doesn’t display the letters as quickly as you’re typing them. In the worst case scenario, you’ll find yourself watching and waiting as the characters slowly blink into life on the screen. Make sure you upgrade your hardware if at all possible; otherwise you might not have the chance to improve your typing speed at all.
  • Make sure you don’t neglect to learn how to touch type. It’s not so comfortable at first, but eventually, you’ll get used to these new and more effective ways of typing. It will allow your WPM score to increase dramatically without much extra practice at all. Touch typing is the one single way to turn your typing speed into something to be proud of. All the other tips here are just adjuncts to touch typing, helping you maximize the potential of this typing approach.

As you will have assumed from this article already, experts now recommend the use of games and typing speed analysis to train your typing skills. You can use all kinds of free online tools, lessons, and games to bring your skills up to speed. You would be pleasantly surprised by how fast you can get with just a little practice.

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The Concept of Gamification

Any practice typing exercise can be turned into a fun game for adults and children alike, and indeed, many such fast typing practice drills now exist in a game format. You could be forgiven for thinking that playing video games is a waste of time if it were not for the fact that the gamification of the skills learning process has been proven to be significantly more effective than learning by others.

Typing practice for beginners can be tedious and unrewarding, so turning it into a game can help you to persevere and develop all the skills you’ll need to start touch typing at record speeds. Whether you just want to attain the average speed expected of adults in an office-oriented workspace, or you’re trying to achieve the fastest possible typing speed your fingers are capable of, fast typing practice can be achieved with the help of games. 

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The Best Typing Practice Games for Adults

If you need an entertaining practice typing exercise, you should take a look at some of the games here. They’re simple and yet engaging so that you can learn how to touch type quicker than using any other method. When you’re having fun, time flies, making learning a rapid and effective process.

This is a typing-based version of those arcade-style shooting games you’ve probably seen around the city. Each on-screen ghost has a word assigned to them, and the player must correctly type out this word in order to banish the spirit. This game was actually designed with kids in mind, but by using this program to practice typing WPM scores will shoot up in no time at all as you are typing real words and not just gibberish.

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Keybr works to teach you how to touch type in an intuitive and straightforward manner. It is a great option for typing practice for beginners as it encourages you to type full words quickly and accurately, such that you’ll quickly be able to use your newfound skills in real-life situations. Once you’ve used this app to practice typing WPM scores well above average will be absolutely the norm for you.

The combination of well-designed educational games alongside the use of expert tips makes for very easy typing practice. The more accessible your approach to learning a skill, the quicker and more effectively you’ll be able to develop that skill to true mastery. Being able to type accurately and at great speed means that you’ll be able to complete computer-based tasks in record time. Whether you’re working or studying, fast typing is a skill you cannot do without.

Easy typing practice is possible by means of expertly designed games played with the help of professional advice. Give these games a go and type your way to success.