Learning a new skill can be an exciting endeavor although this isn’t a typical description of the average journey towards full professional typist. It’s usually considered to be a rather boring task that you just have to plug away at in order to get better. If you don’t know how to test typing speed, do it online and improve the results. Typing practice is rarely commented on as being enjoyable, but there are a whole plethora of fun speed typing games that can boost your WPM score while you’re having a really good time. 

Why Gamification of Skills Learning Is Effective

You can use specially designed typing speed games for adults to improve their WPM scores. Although you might think that playing video games is a waste of time, it’s a fact that the gamification of the skills learning process has been proven to be significantly more effective than learning by other methods. Use a typing speed test calculator to show your progress.

typing speed tests games for adults

Playing typing games for speed gains is an easy typing practice and can help beginners to turn a tedious and unrewarding learning process into one that allows you to persevere and develop all the skills you’ll need to start touch typing at record speeds. Whether you just want to attain the average speed expected of working adults, or you’re trying to achieve your absolute personal best, fast typing practice can be achieved with the help of typing games for speed gains.

Five Fun Typing Games to Improve Your Speed

There are so many fun typing games to improve your speed available online that it’s hard to choose one that’ll be both enjoyable and effective. Let’s not forget that you’ll not only be playing these games to improve your typing speed, as you’ll be using them for a bit of downtime as well. When an educational game is good enough, you can easily feel like you’re having fun rather than struggling to acquire new skills. Consider the 5 expertly developed games here and you’ll be typing faster than ever before in next to no time at all.


This highly useful tool works to teach you how to touch type in an intuitive and straightforward manner. It encourages you to type full words quickly and accurately, such that you’ll quickly be able to use your newfound skills in real-life situations.

Keybr game

An additional feature that makes this one of the best typing speed games for adults is that it also gives you random sets of characters that have constituent parts based on those of real words, giving you a chance to see how your brain really processes all the information thrown at it during typing. This makes it a more difficult game than many others but you won’t find many better games to improve your typing speed.

Stamina Typing Tutor

This is a lighthearted approach at making sure you’re able to last the distance at the office. It helps you to learn how to touch type without becoming mentally and physically exhausted after a short period of time. It offers a range of tips and hints to make sure that you learn to make the most of your own capabilities as a typist. As far as teaching you how to improve on your own terms while keeping you thoroughly entertained, this is one of the finest games to improve your typing skills.

Stamina Typing Tutor

Typing Invaders

This is one of the most nostalgia-inducing games to improve your typing skills that you could possibly find. It’s Space Invaders with a little twist: instead of using the buttons on your old-school joystick to shoot down alien spacecraft, you destroy them by typing. Each ship has a letter on it which you must type in order to shoot it down. This will help you learn how to type random characters in no particular order, making you more aware of key positions than ever before.

Typing Invaders

Type Racer

This game plays on the fact that we all like to compete with one another even if we don’t necessarily take it all that seriously. You face off against other users of this intuitive online app and see who can finish typing the on-screen text first. If you’re a little nervous of coming up against real typing pros, you can have a crack at the practice mode first so that you can train up a little first.

Type Racer game

The competitive elements here is what’ll keep you coming back for me. Even if you’re not naturally the competitive type, you’ll still get plenty out of this fun online game. Your typing will get faster and faster until you finally get within sight of the top of the leaderboard.

QWERTY Warriors

This is a top-down shooter style of game that is reminiscent of the early nineties. You have to type the letters attached to your fast approaching enemies and they’ll only succumb their wounds once you’ve typed all the keys on their armor. This approach is enjoyable and really keeps you coming back for more, no matter how many types you get surrounded and your character dies. This game really gives you a break from more serious typing practice methods.

QWERTY Warriors

Use these fun speed typing games to improve your keyboard skills. When you have a WPM score that’s way above average thanks to a more effective and enjoyable training method, you’ll get any office job you want. No one is going to turn down an employee who can get through their work twice as fast as their peers, so start learning how to touch type with the help of the proven approach that is gamification. 

You can really learn to make your way around the keyboard like a pro when you play these fun speed typing games. Learning is easy when you take the right approach.