It’s often thought that it’s difficult to get your typing speed up beyond a certain barrier. However, this is something of a mistake as most people can improve their typing such that they’re able to break the 100 words per minute (WPM) mark after sufficient practice or just use typing services. After passing the test for typing speed, consider all the top expert advice here and you’ll soon learn how to increase typing speed to 100 WPM.

Start With Simple Steps

Before you start getting up to record speeds, you should make sure you know how to increase typing speed to 50 WPM. This kind of rate of typing is already significantly higher than the average typing speed that’s typical of modern computer users. If the average speed is around 44 WPM, then 50 WPM already represents a more than 10% increase. That’s certainly worth making an effort to achieve.

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The easiest way for most people to learn how to increase typing speed to 50 WPM is to start touch typing. The majority of people, even those who work in offices for a living, fail to learn this vital skill. Instead of asking Google “how to increase my typing speed”, just start with the simplest improvements like discovering the skill of touch typing. Only after practice, you can pass a test for typing speed successfully. 

You will definitely find touch typing to be a little awkward at first, but your fingers will quickly adapt to the new configuration into which you’ve forced them. Once you start developing muscle memory in your fingers, touch typing will become second nature and your typing speed will naturally increase without any further conscious effort.

For example, if you’re wondering how the fastest typists manage such breakneck speeds, they’ll surely say: “I learned how to increase my typing speed by touch typing”. This is invariably true as you cannot type that quickly using any other approach. Combine this with the other tips here and you’ll work out how to increase your typing speed to 80+ WPM fast.

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Other Ideas on How to Increase Typing Speed on Computer Keyboard

It’s not all about touch typing, as there are several other ways for you to learn how to increase typing speed on computer keyboard or even on touchscreens. Follow the rest of the advice here and you’ll soon find out how to increase your typing speed to 80+ WPM fast.

Alter your posture

Almost everyone ends up leaning forwards over their computer screens and keyboard from time to time, but if you want to know how to increase typing speed on computer keyboard at home, you need to think about your posture. You should aim to be looking down at your screen from a 15-degree angle relative to the horizontal plane. The best way to manage this is with you sitting with a straight back such that you can easily rest most of your body weight on the chair.

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Additionally, you should never lean too heavily on your wrists as you type because too much pressure will slow your typing down and you’ll be far more likely to cause yourself an injury. The last thing you want to inflict upon yourself is a repetitive strain injury.

Stop looking at your fingers

You’ll probably have heard that a professional musician can play their instrument without looking at it. It’s easier than it sounds, but you must still have a steel resolve not to look at the keyboard as you type. As you develop muscle memory in your fingers, it’ll become a whole lot easier and you’ll start to look at the screen rather than your fingers without even realizing it. Alongside touch typing, this is one of the best ways to figure out how to increase typing speed on computer keyboard at home.

Speed before accuracy

While both speed and accuracy are important when it comes to typing, you should focus on getting your speed up. The accuracy side of things will come along nicely on its own as your fingers get used to touch typing. You don’t have to keep going back and correcting yourself if you’re just practicing how to type faster.

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Just make sure that you give yourself a bit of a rest from time to time. It’s no good practicing until your fingers are absolutely exhausted. If you don’t take breaks now and then, your speed and accuracy will both suffer the consequences.

Use games to improve your skills

It’s impossible to deny that typing practice can be incredibly boring. Fortunately, there are now several ways of getting around this. You can use a variety of interesting online games to add some enjoyment to proceedings. Even if you aren’t usually someone who plays video games, you’ll be surprised at the effectiveness of gamification to learning new skills.

There are games where you can compete against other players to see who is the fastest, and there even games that model themselves on classics such as Space Invaders. In this particular example, you have to type the letters inside the invading space aliens to make their ships explode. Combining work and pleasure like this is an ideal way to learn for adults and children alike.

Consider these 5 main methods to learn how to increase typing speed to 100 WPM and you’ll nail any office job to which you decide to apply. No one is going to refuse to hire someone who can get work done that quickly. Make sure you employ these tips exactly as they’ve been described and you’ll make progress in your career, studies or whatever else you put your mind to when typing is involved.

Get to grips with all these tips on how to increase typing speed to 100 WPM. Practice makes perfect in all things, and typing is no different.