If you’re not as good at typing as you would like to be, there’s no need to fear. There are so many different ways to improve typing skill that you’re sure to find a few that suit your particular requirements. Whether you need to improve the muscle memory in your fingers or you want to learn how to touch type more effectively, there’s a whole host of expert tips here to help you out. Take the advice here onboard and become a real qualified typist. Test your typing speed online with us!

Learn How to Improve Typing Skills

When it comes to finding out how to improve typing skills, you must first consider some of the fundamental basics associated with using a keyboard. Once you understand what it means to be a top class typist, you can begin to work your way towards becoming better at typing.

The first thing to be aware of is that to increase typing skills is not synonymous only with increasing your speed. Of course, speed is important when it comes to typing as part of your job, but there’s another factor that many people seem to ignore. This factor is accuracy, and you can’t be a great typist if your lightning speed comes at the price of terrible mistakes that you have to go back and correct.

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If you end up typing at record speed and bash adjacent keys without even meaning to, you’ll spend as much time correcting your work as you’ve saved by improving your speed. If you can work out the best way for you to start improving typing speed and accuracy, then you can truly say that you can increase typing skills.

Tips for Faster Typing

Increasing typing speed and accuracy together is your ultimate goal, and it’s worth considering tips on typing faster together with those regarding accuracy. With the right advice, both of these aspects of typing will improve hand in hand. Take a look at the tips for speed typing below.

1. Change your posture

We’re all guilty of slouching and leaning forwards over our computer screens and keyboard from time to time, but if you want to get better at typing, this is the first thing you should address. After all, prior preparation prevents pathetic performance in all things, typing included.

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Ideally, you should be sitting straight and resting most of your body weight on the chair. You should never place too much pressure on your wrists as you type, however tempting it might be to lean forwards and practically dive at your screen. The reason for this protection of your wrists is two-fold: firstly, too much pressure will slow your typing down, and secondly, it’ll cause a repetitive strain injury that’ll put you off typing for good.

2. Learn to touch type properly

This is one of the most useful skills you can learn as a keyboard user and as such it’s one of the most important tips for speed typing. While many people are capable of independently developing their own version of touch typing, the officially recognized approach is the best way of increasing typing speed and accuracy.

You should aim to use the home row position for the best results. This involves placing the fingers of your left hand on the “ASDF” portion of the keyboard and those of the right hand over the “JKL;” portion. Your hands should rest in a naturally curved configuration that’s comfortable enough that you’ll immediately see how it’ll be possible for you to start improving typing speed and accuracy.

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To begin to touch type properly, you should follow a pattern whereby each finger is allowed to use only certain keys that are within reach and are typically arranged in vertical columns. This approach will feel uncomfortable for your fingers as they get used to your new approach towards typing but it won’t be long before you notice your typing speed shooting up.

3. Don’t look at the keyboard

Much like a musician learns to play an instrument without looking at the moving parts, you must have a steel resolve not to look at the keyboard as you type. It’ll be rather difficult, to begin with, but as you develop muscle memory in your fingers, it’ll become a whole lot easier. Along with touch typing, this by far one of the most useful tips on typing faster that you’ll find.

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You’re probably somewhat surprised at the simplicity of these tips, but that’s really the whole point. Typing is a simple activity that you can get better at by following some easy tips like these. You’ll improve far more quickly with such techniques than you will by applying another advice that you might find.

4. Speed first

While both speed and accuracy are important when it comes to typing, you should focus on getting your speed up. The accuracy side of things will come along nicely on its own as your fingers get used to touch typing. You don’t have to keep going back and correcting yourself if you’re just practicing how to type faster.

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Just make sure that you give yourself a bit of a rest from time to time. It’s no good practicing until your fingers are absolutely exhausted. If you don’t take breaks now and then, your speed and accuracy will both suffer the consequences. There’s really no need to burn the candle at both ends when it comes to learning how to get faster behind the keyboard.

Use these invaluable tips to improve typing skill and you’ll complete tasks much quicker than ever before. Whether it’s for work or study, being a faster typist is a great quality to have. You’ll get hired quicker for office jobs and you’ll get your assignments finished way ahead of your deadlines. Take these tips on board as you become lightning fast at typing.

Make sure you know what it takes to improve typing skill to complete mastery of the keyboard. Take these expert tips and boost your words per minute.