Learning the immense skill that is touch typing comes with a few drawbacks that crop up as you progress in your educational journey towards professional typist. One of the most significant issues faced by novice typists is that the most common typos become even more prevalent when you’re learning a new way of typing. Luckily, there’s a whole plethora of expert tips created after typing speed analysis, you can follow to improve your typing skill while keeping your accuracy as high as possible.

Why Do I Keep Making Mistakes?

It’s quite normal and to be expected that you’ll make mistakes as you learn new skills, and typing is no different in this respect. If you’re continuously asking yourself “Why do I keep making mistakes?” then you should start thinking more about what can be done to minimize the occurrence of the errors. First, let’s think about why these mistakes happen in the first place.

typing speed tests typos

As you progress from the searching and pecking associated with two-finger typists, you’ll start to accidentally press the keys adjacent to those you intended to press. This is bound to happen before you’ve learned how to get better at typing without looking, and you’ll find that the incidence of such mistakes drops over time as long as you keep practicing your newfound skills.

This is simply a matter of muscle memory and you’ll soon work out how to get better at typing without looking just as professional musicians play their instruments without appearing to even glance down at them. Once you’re able to press the keys you mean to, you should check that you actually know how to use the English language properly as other typos are related to poor understanding of spelling or grammar rather than clumsy fingers.

Try to play some fun speed typing games if you want to master typing!

The Various Kinds of Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

In order to avoid the mistakes you’re making, you have to be able to recognize the types of typing errors that exist. Once you know your enemy, so to speak, you can come up with a battle plan and start typing properly. Whether you need to learn how to avoid spelling mistakes or you have to practise so as not to mash the keys surrounding your intended letter, the expert tips below will help you to become a better typist.

Know your grammar

It’s often said that you need to know the rules in order to work out when you can afford to break them. Indeed, knowing grammar allows you the opportunity to choose to break the rules for the purpose of headline writing or other such situations where correct grammar can be eschewed. As one of the most frequently occurring types of typing errors, this deserves your attention as a number one priority.

Over-reliance on spell checkers

You can’t always avoid spelling errors by relying on spell checking software. Sometimes, such software fails to catch the wrong choice of homonym and it certainly can’t tell you how to use a word properly if you don’t know the exact definition and usage. If you want to learn how to avoid spelling mistakes when you’re typing, make sure your knowledge of the ins and outs of the English language is perfect.

Take a look at a hard copy

It can be difficult to check your typing when you’re in the middle of the task itself, so you should try to distance yourself from your work for a little while and come back to it later. By printing off a hard copy of your work in addition to taking a break, you’ll give yourself a whole new perspective from which to view and appraise your work.

On a related note, as well as printing out a paper copy of your work, you should take a look at it in the layout that’ll be applied to it in the final version. This fresh approach will permit you to see your work from a new angle and work out whether there are any typos or other problems with it.

Learn to read backwards

When you read a text, even if it’s one you typed out yourself, your brain will often automatically read typos as correctly spelled words. The reason for this is that we actually read words or even whole sections of sentences as a single chunk of information rather than analyzing every letter separately. This can happen even when you’re determinedly looking for errors and mistakes, so you need an approach to proofreading that’ll cut straight through to the problems that exist.

       Use professional typing service and avoid all mistakes

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The best solution is to read your text backwards starting from the end and working your way to the front. This doesn’t mean that you should read each individual word backwards as if it were gibberish, but you should read each sentence in reverse order. By doing so, you lose the high chance of missing typos simply because you’re reading the text while your brain rearranges words for itself.

Bear in mind the most common typos as you learn how to touch type and you’ll save yourself a lot of time later on. If you can apply other skills like your knowledge of grammar and spelling, you’ll find your typing is a lot more accurate. It’s not all about muscle memory in your fingers and the subsequently correct typing that’ll occur. Rather, you have to make sure that your intended keystroke is the right one in the first place.

Address your issues with the most common typos that occur when you’re touch typing. Take a proactive approach to learning a new skill and you’ll benefit to no end!

Learning a new skill can be an exciting endeavor although this isn’t a typical description of the average journey towards full professional typist. It’s usually considered to be a rather boring task that you just have to plug away at in order to get better. If you don't know how to test typing speed, do it online and improve the results. Typing practice is rarely commented on as being enjoyable, but there are a whole plethora of fun speed typing games that can boost your WPM score while you’re having a really good time. 

Why Gamification of Skills Learning Is Effective

You can use specially designed typing speed games for adults to improve their WPM scores. Although you might think that playing video games is a waste of time, it’s a fact that the gamification of the skills learning process has been proven to be significantly more effective than learning by other methods. Use a typing speed test calculator to show your progress.

typing speed tests games for adults

Playing typing games for speed gains is an easy typing practice and can help beginners to turn a tedious and unrewarding learning process into one that allows you to persevere and develop all the skills you’ll need to start touch typing at record speeds. Whether you just want to attain the average speed expected of working adults, or you’re trying to achieve your absolute personal best, fast typing practice can be achieved with the help of typing games for speed gains.

Five Fun Typing Games to Improve Your Speed

There are so many fun typing games to improve your speed available online that it’s hard to choose one that’ll be both enjoyable and effective. Let’s not forget that you’ll not only be playing these games to improve your typing speed, as you’ll be using them for a bit of downtime as well. When an educational game is good enough, you can easily feel like you’re having fun rather than struggling to acquire new skills. Consider the 5 expertly developed games here and you’ll be typing faster than ever before in next to no time at all.


This highly useful tool works to teach you how to touch type in an intuitive and straightforward manner. It encourages you to type full words quickly and accurately, such that you’ll quickly be able to use your newfound skills in real-life situations.

Keybr game

An additional feature that makes this one of the best typing speed games for adults is that it also gives you random sets of characters that have constituent parts based on those of real words, giving you a chance to see how your brain really processes all the information thrown at it during typing. This makes it a more difficult game than many others but you won’t find many better games to improve your typing speed.

Stamina Typing Tutor

This is a lighthearted approach at making sure you’re able to last the distance at the office. It helps you to learn how to touch type without becoming mentally and physically exhausted after a short period of time. It offers a range of tips and hints to make sure that you learn to make the most of your own capabilities as a typist. As far as teaching you how to improve on your own terms while keeping you thoroughly entertained, this is one of the finest games to improve your typing skills.

Stamina Typing Tutor

Typing Invaders

This is one of the most nostalgia-inducing games to improve your typing skills that you could possibly find. It’s Space Invaders with a little twist: instead of using the buttons on your old-school joystick to shoot down alien spacecraft, you destroy them by typing. Each ship has a letter on it which you must type in order to shoot it down. This will help you learn how to type random characters in no particular order, making you more aware of key positions than ever before.

Typing Invaders

Type Racer

This game plays on the fact that we all like to compete with one another even if we don’t necessarily take it all that seriously. You face off against other users of this intuitive online app and see who can finish typing the on-screen text first. If you’re a little nervous of coming up against real typing pros, you can have a crack at the practice mode first so that you can train up a little first.

Type Racer game

The competitive elements here is what’ll keep you coming back for me. Even if you’re not naturally the competitive type, you’ll still get plenty out of this fun online game. Your typing will get faster and faster until you finally get within sight of the top of the leaderboard.

QWERTY Warriors

This is a top-down shooter style of game that is reminiscent of the early nineties. You have to type the letters attached to your fast approaching enemies and they’ll only succumb their wounds once you’ve typed all the keys on their armor. This approach is enjoyable and really keeps you coming back for more, no matter how many types you get surrounded and your character dies. This game really gives you a break from more serious typing practice methods.

QWERTY Warriors

Use these fun speed typing games to improve your keyboard skills. When you have a WPM score that’s way above average thanks to a more effective and enjoyable training method, you’ll get any office job you want. No one is going to turn down an employee who can get through their work twice as fast as their peers, so start learning how to touch type with the help of the proven approach that is gamification. 

You can really learn to make your way around the keyboard like a pro when you play these fun speed typing games. Learning is easy when you take the right approach.

With the world becoming increasingly technology-dependent, it’s important that you teach your children how to use all of these new devices and tools that are being released. One of the most important skills to learn is how to type paper quickly and effectively. Teaching your children how to type is one of the best things you can do for their education so make sure you find out the best ways of going about it. You can use speed typing tests for kids to help them learn how to type quickly in a fun and stimulating environment.

What Is a Good Typing Speed for Kids?

Before you can really start to show your children how to type quickly, you have to understand what is a good typing speed for kids and what to do before starting typing speed tests. After all, they’re likely to be able to type faster than you realize and yet, at the same time, they’re probably not going to reach supersonic speeds at their tender age. Whatever their current abilities, you can easily use games to increase typing speed for kids.

typing speed tests for kids

Generally speaking, a child who has just started out on their journey towards keyboard mastery will be able to manage around 10 words per minute. This is assuming that they already know how to spell and construct sentences properly in the English language. With a little bit of practice and even without such tools like the games outlined here, you can expect your child to manage speeds of 30 WPM by the age of around 10 years. To get faster than this requires that you take active measures to improve their skills.

The Best Games for Kids to Learn Typing Skills

There are all sorts of different games to increase typing speed for kids and you should be careful to pick only the very best games. When it comes to learning games for kids speed typing test options need to be selected according to the child’s age and temperament. Some games are simply more suitable for older children and others are not quite engaging enough to captivate younger kids.

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When it comes to choosing a typing speed test for kids free options should be spurned. It’s often the case that apps and games that don’t cost a penny are the best of all. Education is your child’s right and there’s no need to pay over the odds if you can get a superior product for nothing. If you haven’t got in mind any particular learning games for kids speed typing test options like the following 10 should get you and your children the results you were hoping for.

Big Brown Bear

If you need a typing speed test for kids free iterations like this are your best bet. There is a range of different exercises for your child to complete in this game, starting with just a couple of keys at a time and then moving on to more complex patterns. This is an easy typing speed test for kids who are just starting out and need to learn how to use a keyboard from the very beginning.

Big Brown Bear typing game

Find the Letter

This is a particularly easy typing speed test for kids in terms of getting their attention and maintaining it. Everyone likes to race against the clock, and kids are no different. The whole theme of this game revolves around typing as many of the displayed letters within a 30-second time period. Trying to beat their own best time will keep kids entertained for a good length of time.

 Find the Letter game

Key Seeker

This is an entertaining game for preschool age children who are just starting to learn how to type. It shows them which hand and finger to use for each letter as they go along and learn the whole keyboard layout. This is a fast-track way to teach them how to touch type, an invaluable skill for them to possess for success in their future studies and careers.

Key Seeker game

Keyboard Climber

A game like this is just what you need to teach a child of any age how to type quickly and accurately. As they type the letters displayed on the screen, their monkey character will climb. If they miss a letter or type the wrong one, their monkey will come crashing down back to earth. This visually stimulating approach does just enough to keep children engaged and ready to give it yet one more go.

Keyboard Climber game

Typing Ghost

This is a typing-based version of those arcade-style shooting games you’ve probably seen around the city. Each menacing ghost has a word attached to them, and the player must correctly type this word in order to banish the spirit back to whence it came. Accordingly, this game teaches your child how to type real words properly, making results happen before you know it.

Typing Ghost game

Key Man

This is a variation of the classic Pac-Man arcade game, with the premise being that you use the displayed letters to type your character into moving around the screen. You can collect the pills and destroy ghosts just like you would in the original game, except that this teaches you typing skills while you’re blissfully unaware of the fact.

Key Man typing game

Use games as speed typing tests for kids and they’ll acquire skills that’ll benefit them for life. Learning how to type is an increasingly important skill to have and you would be doing your child a great service if you can encourage them to boost their typing speed to at least 40 WPM. This matches the average adult speed and gives them a platform to get even faster as they grow up.

Using games is the most effective way to conduct speed typing tests for kids. Get hold of games like those here and your kids will type at supersonic speeds.

If you’re struggling to type paper within a reasonable timeframe, you’re probably despairing at your lack of typing skills and poor typing speed analysis. Fortunately, there are several ways to do some easy typing practice without even really having to feel like you’re toiling away at learning a new skill. You can combine expert advice for better typing with the use of various specially designed games that work to improve your skills while allowing you remain practically unaware of all the hours of practice you’re putting in.

 typing speed tests top tips

Top Tips for Great Typing

Free typing practice lessons are hard to come by if you look in your local area or workplace, but when you seek opportunities online, you’re more than likely to find them. Expert typists have shared their unique and insightful tips all over the internet, and you should really make the most of them. As well as free typing practice lessons in the form of typing practice games for adults, you can follow the advice below for near-instant improvements in your speed.

  • If you purchase a specially designed ergonomic keyboard, then you’ll notice your typing skills improve almost immediately. You’ll feel much more comfortable and you’ll avoid the kind of wrist and hand injuries that typing-related jobs are famous for causing.
  • Make sure you maintain good posture while you’re at your desk. We are all guilty, at one time or another, of slouching forwards and putting too much weight on our wrists. Try to be aware of your positioning while you type as incorrect posture will eventually contribute to the development of repetitive strain injuries that can last a lifetime.
  • If you’re using an older computer, you might notice that your screen simply doesn’t display the letters as quickly as you’re typing them. In the worst case scenario, you’ll find yourself watching and waiting as the characters slowly blink into life on the screen. Make sure you upgrade your hardware if at all possible; otherwise you might not have the chance to improve your typing speed at all.
  • Make sure you don’t neglect to learn how to touch type. It’s not so comfortable at first, but eventually, you’ll get used to these new and more effective ways of typing. It will allow your WPM score to increase dramatically without much extra practice at all. Touch typing is the one single way to turn your typing speed into something to be proud of. All the other tips here are just adjuncts to touch typing, helping you maximize the potential of this typing approach.

As you will have assumed from this article already, experts now recommend the use of games and typing speed analysis to train your typing skills. You can use all kinds of free online tools, lessons, and games to bring your skills up to speed. You would be pleasantly surprised by how fast you can get with just a little practice.

typing speed tests practice

The Concept of Gamification

Any practice typing exercise can be turned into a fun game for adults and children alike, and indeed, many such fast typing practice drills now exist in a game format. You could be forgiven for thinking that playing video games is a waste of time if it were not for the fact that the gamification of the skills learning process has been proven to be significantly more effective than learning by others.

Typing practice for beginners can be tedious and unrewarding, so turning it into a game can help you to persevere and develop all the skills you’ll need to start touch typing at record speeds. Whether you just want to attain the average speed expected of adults in an office-oriented workspace, or you’re trying to achieve the fastest possible typing speed your fingers are capable of, fast typing practice can be achieved with the help of games. 

You may be interested in speed typing tests for kids as well, follow the link and take a look at this post!

The Best Typing Practice Games for Adults

If you need an entertaining practice typing exercise, you should take a look at some of the games here. They’re simple and yet engaging so that you can learn how to touch type quicker than using any other method. When you’re having fun, time flies, making learning a rapid and effective process.

This is a typing-based version of those arcade-style shooting games you’ve probably seen around the city. Each on-screen ghost has a word assigned to them, and the player must correctly type out this word in order to banish the spirit. This game was actually designed with kids in mind, but by using this program to practice typing WPM scores will shoot up in no time at all as you are typing real words and not just gibberish.

typing speed tests online
Image credit: sense-lang.org

Keybr works to teach you how to touch type in an intuitive and straightforward manner. It is a great option for typing practice for beginners as it encourages you to type full words quickly and accurately, such that you’ll quickly be able to use your newfound skills in real-life situations. Once you’ve used this app to practice typing WPM scores well above average will be absolutely the norm for you.

The combination of well-designed educational games alongside the use of expert tips makes for very easy typing practice. The more accessible your approach to learning a skill, the quicker and more effectively you’ll be able to develop that skill to true mastery. Being able to type accurately and at great speed means that you’ll be able to complete computer-based tasks in record time. Whether you’re working or studying, fast typing is a skill you cannot do without.

Easy typing practice is possible by means of expertly designed games played with the help of professional advice. Give these games a go and type your way to success.

It’s often thought that it’s difficult to get your typing speed up beyond a certain barrier. However, this is something of a mistake as most people can improve their typing such that they’re able to break the 100 words per minute (WPM) mark after sufficient practice or just use typing services. After passing the test for typing speed, consider all the top expert advice here and you’ll soon learn how to increase typing speed to 100 WPM.

Start With Simple Steps

Before you start getting up to record speeds, you should make sure you know how to increase typing speed to 50 WPM. This kind of rate of typing is already significantly higher than the average typing speed that’s typical of modern computer users. If the average speed is around 44 WPM, then 50 WPM already represents a more than 10% increase. That’s certainly worth making an effort to achieve.

improve typing speed tests

The easiest way for most people to learn how to increase typing speed to 50 WPM is to start touch typing. The majority of people, even those who work in offices for a living, fail to learn this vital skill. Instead of asking Google “how to increase my typing speed”, just start with the simplest improvements like discovering the skill of touch typing. Only after practice, you can pass a test for typing speed successfully. 

You will definitely find touch typing to be a little awkward at first, but your fingers will quickly adapt to the new configuration into which you’ve forced them. Once you start developing muscle memory in your fingers, touch typing will become second nature and your typing speed will naturally increase without any further conscious effort.

For example, if you’re wondering how the fastest typists manage such breakneck speeds, they’ll surely say: “I learned how to increase my typing speed by touch typing”. This is invariably true as you cannot type that quickly using any other approach. Combine this with the other tips here and you’ll work out how to increase your typing speed to 80+ WPM fast.

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Other Ideas on How to Increase Typing Speed on Computer Keyboard

It’s not all about touch typing, as there are several other ways for you to learn how to increase typing speed on computer keyboard or even on touchscreens. Follow the rest of the advice here and you’ll soon find out how to increase your typing speed to 80+ WPM fast.

Alter your posture

Almost everyone ends up leaning forwards over their computer screens and keyboard from time to time, but if you want to know how to increase typing speed on computer keyboard at home, you need to think about your posture. You should aim to be looking down at your screen from a 15-degree angle relative to the horizontal plane. The best way to manage this is with you sitting with a straight back such that you can easily rest most of your body weight on the chair.

typing speed tests keyboard

Additionally, you should never lean too heavily on your wrists as you type because too much pressure will slow your typing down and you’ll be far more likely to cause yourself an injury. The last thing you want to inflict upon yourself is a repetitive strain injury.

Stop looking at your fingers

You’ll probably have heard that a professional musician can play their instrument without looking at it. It’s easier than it sounds, but you must still have a steel resolve not to look at the keyboard as you type. As you develop muscle memory in your fingers, it’ll become a whole lot easier and you’ll start to look at the screen rather than your fingers without even realizing it. Alongside touch typing, this is one of the best ways to figure out how to increase typing speed on computer keyboard at home.

Speed before accuracy

While both speed and accuracy are important when it comes to typing, you should focus on getting your speed up. The accuracy side of things will come along nicely on its own as your fingers get used to touch typing. You don’t have to keep going back and correcting yourself if you’re just practicing how to type faster.

typing speed  tests cat
Image credit: theluxuryspot.com

Just make sure that you give yourself a bit of a rest from time to time. It’s no good practicing until your fingers are absolutely exhausted. If you don’t take breaks now and then, your speed and accuracy will both suffer the consequences.

Use games to improve your skills

It’s impossible to deny that typing practice can be incredibly boring. Fortunately, there are now several ways of getting around this. You can use a variety of interesting online games to add some enjoyment to proceedings. Even if you aren’t usually someone who plays video games, you’ll be surprised at the effectiveness of gamification to learning new skills.

There are games where you can compete against other players to see who is the fastest, and there even games that model themselves on classics such as Space Invaders. In this particular example, you have to type the letters inside the invading space aliens to make their ships explode. Combining work and pleasure like this is an ideal way to learn for adults and children alike.

Consider these 5 main methods to learn how to increase typing speed to 100 WPM and you’ll nail any office job to which you decide to apply. No one is going to refuse to hire someone who can get work done that quickly. Make sure you employ these tips exactly as they’ve been described and you’ll make progress in your career, studies or whatever else you put your mind to when typing is involved.

Get to grips with all these tips on how to increase typing speed to 100 WPM. Practice makes perfect in all things, and typing is no different.