With the world becoming increasingly technology-dependent, it’s important that you teach your children how to use all of these new devices and tools that are being released. One of the most important skills to learn is how to type paper quickly and effectively. Teaching your children how to type is one of the best things you can do for their education so make sure you find out the best ways of going about it. You can use speed typing tests for kids to help them learn how to type quickly in a fun and stimulating environment.

What Is a Good Typing Speed for Kids?

Before you can really start to show your children how to type quickly, you have to understand what is a good typing speed for kids and what to do before starting typing speed tests. After all, they’re likely to be able to type faster than you realize and yet, at the same time, they’re probably not going to reach supersonic speeds at their tender age. Whatever their current abilities, you can easily use games to increase typing speed for kids.

typing speed tests for kids

Generally speaking, a child who has just started out on their journey towards keyboard mastery will be able to manage around 10 words per minute. This is assuming that they already know how to spell and construct sentences properly in the English language. With a little bit of practice and even without such tools like the games outlined here, you can expect your child to manage speeds of 30 WPM by the age of around 10 years. To get faster than this requires that you take active measures to improve their skills.

The Best Games for Kids to Learn Typing Skills

There are all sorts of different games to increase typing speed for kids and you should be careful to pick only the very best games. When it comes to learning games for kids speed typing test options need to be selected according to the child’s age and temperament. Some games are simply more suitable for older children and others are not quite engaging enough to captivate younger kids.

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When it comes to choosing a typing speed test for kids free options should be spurned. It’s often the case that apps and games that don’t cost a penny are the best of all. Education is your child’s right and there’s no need to pay over the odds if you can get a superior product for nothing. If you haven’t got in mind any particular learning games for kids speed typing test options like the following 10 should get you and your children the results you were hoping for.

Big Brown Bear

If you need a typing speed test for kids free iterations like this are your best bet. There is a range of different exercises for your child to complete in this game, starting with just a couple of keys at a time and then moving on to more complex patterns. This is an easy typing speed test for kids who are just starting out and need to learn how to use a keyboard from the very beginning.

Big Brown Bear typing game

Find the Letter

This is a particularly easy typing speed test for kids in terms of getting their attention and maintaining it. Everyone likes to race against the clock, and kids are no different. The whole theme of this game revolves around typing as many of the displayed letters within a 30-second time period. Trying to beat their own best time will keep kids entertained for a good length of time.

 Find the Letter game

Key Seeker

This is an entertaining game for preschool age children who are just starting to learn how to type. It shows them which hand and finger to use for each letter as they go along and learn the whole keyboard layout. This is a fast-track way to teach them how to touch type, an invaluable skill for them to possess for success in their future studies and careers.

Key Seeker game

Keyboard Climber

A game like this is just what you need to teach a child of any age how to type quickly and accurately. As they type the letters displayed on the screen, their monkey character will climb. If they miss a letter or type the wrong one, their monkey will come crashing down back to earth. This visually stimulating approach does just enough to keep children engaged and ready to give it yet one more go.

Keyboard Climber game

Typing Ghost

This is a typing-based version of those arcade-style shooting games you’ve probably seen around the city. Each menacing ghost has a word attached to them, and the player must correctly type this word in order to banish the spirit back to whence it came. Accordingly, this game teaches your child how to type real words properly, making results happen before you know it.

Typing Ghost game

Key Man

This is a variation of the classic Pac-Man arcade game, with the premise being that you use the displayed letters to type your character into moving around the screen. You can collect the pills and destroy ghosts just like you would in the original game, except that this teaches you typing skills while you’re blissfully unaware of the fact.

Key Man typing game

Use games as speed typing tests for kids and they’ll acquire skills that’ll benefit them for life. Learning how to type is an increasingly important skill to have and you would be doing your child a great service if you can encourage them to boost their typing speed to at least 40 WPM. This matches the average adult speed and gives them a platform to get even faster as they grow up.

Using games is the most effective way to conduct speed typing tests for kids. Get hold of games like those here and your kids will type at supersonic speeds.