If you’re planning to improve your keyboard skills, transcription, you need a way to measure your typing speed that’s accurate and reliable. This is more difficult than you might imagine because the various tools available work to different standards. You need a typing speed test calculator like ours, one that allows you to measure your speed in characters or words per minute and then shows you how this compares to the average.

Why You Should Get Faster at Typing

There’s a whole host of reasons why should try to speed up your typing. Whether you’re a student or a long-time professional worker, a faster typing speed will only benefit you. After you’ve tested out our typing speed calculator WPM score will show you how you compare to average typists and then you can think about how much you can improve.

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If you’re looking for a job which requires that you are a fast typist, then it makes sense to get a hold of your WPM score and try to improve it. The faster you are, the better your chances of getting such a job are. Just don’t forget to maintain your accuracy score as you get faster and faster as anything below 97% accuracy would be looked down upon for typing jobs. In other words, you shouldn’t be making more than three mistakes per 100 words.

If your job involves a great deal of typing, you’ll naturally improve over time without any additional training, but if you want to break through all the barriers you can and make it into the major league of typing, you’re going to need to practice using specific exercises and then testing them with a verified tool. We offer a free option that allows you to practice as much as you like and become the best typist you can possibly be.

If you’re at high school or college, you’ve probably got all kinds of assignments due at any given time. The only way you can really get through them all by the deadlines is to type like a real speed demon. Bring your typing speed up to par with our free typing speed calculator and you’ll find that you’re simply ripping through your assignments. Don’t let your poor typing speed be the limiting factor in your education.

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The Advantages of Using Our Free Typing Speed Calculator

Compared to the typical typing speed calculator software you’ll find online, our tool has a number of important advantages that make it far superior. A tool that can improve typing speed and efficiency is hard to come by, so consider the benefits of using our online typing speed calculator software below.

Our tool has been developed with professional typists to provide all the most important statistics you’ll want to show off to current and prospective employers. In terms of the measurements offered by our typing speed calculator, WPM is just the beginning. Take a look at your characters per minute (CPM) score, accuracy rate, and your percentile compared to other users and the general public.

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It couldn’t be simpler to use our typing tool. All you have to do is choose your keyboard type and pick a standardized text from which to copy. We use texts that have been independently verified as being useful and appropriate for aspiring typists to practice with and record their progress in a measurable way.

Our tool is completely free of charge. There’s no reason why you should have to pay for a service as simple as testing your typing speed. It only takes a minute and you should save your hard-earned cash for something else. Our free tool is reliable and will give you all the statistics you need to measure your aptitude for typing.

This tool has been developed in adherence with all of the standard rules and regulations to do with the measurement of typing. Our WPM scores are based on the average word being 5 characters in length, thus fitting in with the industry standard. We offer the actual CPM score as well, so you can get a complete picture of where you stand in terms of your typing abilities. A pure CPM test is the most mathematically sound way of measuring your speed.

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A tool that can improve typing speed and efficiency is hard to find if you want to deal with both of these important aspects of typing all at once. This online tool measures your abilities and then demonstrates where you’re going wrong. The advice that follows has been collated from the comments made by experts in the field of typing.

We are always open to constructive feedback. If there’s anything that you feel our tool lacks, you can easily contact us and let us know. We are committed to improving our free tools to fit exactly what our users want to see, so you’ll likely find your suggestions incorporated into new versions of our tools before long.

Make the most of our typing speed test calculator and all of the free options it offers you. Consider the various advantages of using an expertly developed, highly sensitive tool like this one. With a proactive approach to typing, you’ll improve both your speed and accuracy in no time at all. Whatever your typing goals are, you’ll be sure to meet them.

Our typing speed test calculator is the number one option in its class. Test your typing prowess now and learn how to boost your skills to the next level.