Typing Speed Test Statistics

typing speed tests websiteDo you know how fast the fastest English-language typist can go? It’s a speed 216 words per minute. Stella Pajunas hit it in 1946 and has yet to be beaten, the closest being 212 WPM by Barbara Blackburn in 2005. Unless you’re an expert, you probably can’t hit either of those speeds – and if you can, you don’t need this article. But us mere mortals can always stand to improve our speed.

As compared Pajunas, the average speed seems slow: 41 WPM. All the same, plenty of people type slower than that. The average person also has a 92% accuracy rate, making eight typos per 100 words. Those are both great statistics. With practice, you can meet them if you haven’t already, or even beat them.

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Typing Speed Calculation and Problem Analysis

find typing speed testsBefore you start our typing test for speed, let’s go over some factors that can slow down your typing. If you want to boost your speed, it’s important to identify problems first!

  • Arm placement: How are you sitting? Important posture is a crucial part of making sure you’re typing as quickly as you can. Support your wrists and don’t sit too close to or too far from the keyboard.
  • Mouse: Surprisingly, using a mouse too much can impact your typing speed. Learn to use keyboard shortcuts for as many things as you can and you’ll practically zoom. Some common keyboard shortcuts are for copying, pasting, switching windows, and going back. If you memorize these, you’ll have a much easier time not having to get your fingers back on the home row. Plus, you’ll be able to find non-letter keys more easily.
  • Hardware: Is your computer out of date? Does it lag when you type? Is the keyboard hard to press? All these things can impact your typing speed. Make sure your equipment and your programs are up to date. It’s very difficult to catch mistakes when your keyboard is lagging.
  • Pecking: It’s obvious, but it’s worth repeating. Having your fingers on the home keys will boost your speed by a huge amount. Just keep practicing until you can use them fluidly.
  • Looking at the keyboard: Another oldie but a goodie. If you don’t look at the keyboard, your speed and accuracy are boosted. It’s difficult to get used to, sure, but practice really does make perfect.

How to Test Typing Speed and Raise It

typing speed tests tool.pngSo how can you boost your typing speed? Here is a quick list of tips you can try.

  • Correct posture: While typing, you should be sitting up straight, with 45 – 70 cm distance between you and the screen. Don’t rest your body weight on your wrists while typing – this can cause pain and even injury, as well as decreasing accuracy. Take care of your body while you type and it will be easier to finish accurately.
  • Emphasize accuracy: This is an article about speed, but the important thing is to prioritize accuracy. Speed builds naturally as you practice. Accuracy, however, is more difficult to acquire. Practice not looking at the keyboard and keeping your fingers correct. Fixing mistakes takes more time than learning not to make them.
  • Read a word or two in advance: If you’re transcribing something from paper or the screen, look ahead as you type and check out what’s coming up next. Don’t go too far, though – you can get confused. Just one or two words to give yourself a hint of what’s up next.
  • Maintain a rhythm: It’s hard to pick this up, but it’ll come as you practice. A rhythm helps you make fewer mistakes because it gets you in the “zone” and makes it easier for you to concentrate.

Our Typing Speed Analysis

fast typing speed testsThere’s no doubt that typing is a skill anyone should have. Regardless of your field, you’re probably going to have to do some typing. It’s the default method of communication over distance nowadays, so it’s best to get used to it. A little bit of training can have you on your way. But why not take a test first?

Typing speed tests can be very handy indeed. Their first use is the most obvious: they tell you how you measure up to the average. You can take a minute to consider how much you need to improve, and in what areas. Are you fast but inaccurate? Are you slow and steady? Just starting out and shaky all around? Regardless of where you sit, it identifies and work on your weak spots once you’ve taken a test.

However, a great thing about typing speed tests is that they serve as practice. You can test yourself over and over again, and watch your speed climb as you learn more and more about how to type accurately and efficiently. This increases your skill and gives you a sense of pride in your work.

How to Test Your Typing Speed Online

typing speed tests timeOur typing speed test calculator is easy to use. All you have to do is click the form and start typing! As you type, words for you to follow will appear. Do your best to track them as they come. It’s okay if you make mistakes. You can try and correct them, but for your speed, it’s best to ignore them and move on. Once the test is done, all you have to do is sit back and watch your score appear! You can then use the result to consider where you need to improve and what techniques you can use to do it.

Calculating Typing Speed

Typing is such a crucial part of our modern lifestyle. Most writing is now done on computers, so if you want to be proficient, you need to make sure that you can type well. Whether you’ve just starting out or have been typing for years, we can help you get your speed wherever you want it to be. It’s easier than you might think!

Take advantage of our test for typing speed today and find out how you can excel at your typing endeavors!